A bit of Motivation for a Monday!

How many of you are fed up with these grey days, the darker afternoons and life not exactly being normal?? It’s not an easy time of year for horse owners anyway, but trying to keep up with what we can and can’t do just makes it more tedious! I’ve had two competitions that I can’t go to now as well as not being able to go away to my trainers. I won’t lie, it got me down a bit and I started to think, maybe I’d just give myself a bit of a break, give Naz a bit of a holiday and look at restarting in the New Year when, hopefully, we’ll have more of an idea of what’s going on. Then I thought to myself, well that’s just a negative way of looking at it. Being a Centre 10 Coach and a NLP Master Practitioner I work a lot with my Riders on their mindset, this got me thinking that if I was Coaching myself, we’d be looking to turn this around and see where the positives are and see how we could use this to benefit us.

So, I started looking at the bits of the tests I’d been practising which hadn’t been as easy as others, I noted them down, then made a goal tree of how I was going to get those areas to the level I’d like them to be. This has then given me a real focus and I know that this will then give me the result I want when I do compete. I then thought about what else would help Naz be at his best both mentally and physicall and so I started to form a cross training plan. His schedule for the upcoming months consists of schooling, hacking, jumping, lunging, long reining, and water treadmill sessions. It’s really important to keep your horse in great shape, but to also have some fun! We must remember why we started all of this in the first place, because we enjoyed it and it was fun! I’ve also made sure he’s had some rest and recovery time, some days he may just have a therapy session with his ActivoMed Rug or with one of his great team of therapists, this is vital for human athletes to stay at their best, so I see no reason for it not to be the same for our horses.

If we take the horse out of it, what can I do to stop myself feeling frustrated? Last lockdown I used the time to complete some studying and to gain some new qualifications in areas I really wanted to improve in. I wanted to improve my fitness more, and I did. It also allowed me to really get to grips with my new business, The Dressage Coach. If I’m being honest, if I hadn’t have had that enforced “down time” in the last Lockdown, I wouldn’t be where I am today with either of my businesses as it gave me the time ( and energy) to really get it going. So, this time, I’m going to use the time to keep developing the business, to set myself a plan for next year, and for enjoying spending some time with my husband and my dogs! Sometimes it’s great to be able to just give yourself a bit of “you” time as our self-care can sometimes be a little lacking! In fairness, from a work point of view, Ive been able to do a lot more this lockdown and The Dressage Coach has kept me busy coaching people virtually, but I certainly haven’t been as full on as normal due to not being able to hold clinics.

What I’m trying to say is that, don’t feel down by these strange times, see the positives that can come from them, set yourself some goals (doesnt matter if they are horsey, personal, fitness etc) and be focussed on just how amazing you will be!

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