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Hi there!! Welcome to my new blog. This is a brand new feature for my website and social media accounts and I really hope you like it and get something from it.

I’m going to be covering loads of different subjects with this, and hoping to get some other equine professionals to contribute as well, so make sure you keep checking back for new content.

So, I thought I’d start off with a little bit of history on who I am and where I’ve come from. I live in South East Kent with my husband and our six (yes six!) dogs (a cocker spaniel and five labradors!). I come from a totally non-horsey family, but have been horse crazy from as long as I can remember. For my 6th birthday, after much begging, my Godfather paid for me to have 6 riding lessons. By the end of lesson one I was hooked! I continued to ride every week at a riding school, and when I was old enough, I would spend as much time at the stables in the school holidays working for rides. I didn’t get my first horse until I was 14, but what a great horse he was, and I would not be the Rider I am today if it wasn’t for him.

At age 13, we went on a family holiday to the south of Spain, and this is really where my Dressage journey started! There was a local riding stables, owned and run by my good friend and trainer, Joaquin Vazquez Vela, the Director of Training at The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. I had only intended to go for a ride along the beach, but after a lesson with Joaquin on one of his lovely PRE’s, I became a total dressage fanatic! He showed me I had a talent for Dressage, and after I felt my first Piaffe, I haven’t looked back since.

Dressage Coaching Joaquin Vázquez Vela
Joaquin and me running a clinic together

I have trained with Joaquin ever since, returning to train with him in Spain at least twice a year, and even working, training and competing for him out there. He showed me how to produce horses up to Grand Prix Level, how to train horses in the true Classical style, and how important it is that the rider is correct in their knowledge and training to be able to really train and ride a horse. Through Joaquin and another good friend, Miguel Riquelme, I even got to try riding the Aires above the Ground and some Vaquera. I also got to fulfil my goal of riding at the Royal School.

Now, I couldn’t believe my luck at having fallen across Joaquin, but another moment of chance led me to meeting my hero, Carl Hester, who has trained/coached me for the last 20+ years! Carl has been a constant source of encouragement, support and knowledge, never failing to think outside the box and never letting me rest inside my comfort zone. I shall always be eternally great full to him for everything he’s done. Carl and Joaquin have made me the rider, trainer and coach I am today. They have taught me that you can train ANY horse and Rider, you just have to treat them as individuals and find what works for them. They have also both taught me there are no such things as shortcuts!

It was the amazing support from these two, that started me off on my coaching career, leading to me quitting my job as a civil servant to Coach and train full time. I have gone on to get my BD UKCC Level 3, my BD Youth Coach and Assessor Qualifications, a qualification in Rider Biomechanics, and become a BHS APC. It all sounds so easy when you write it in a sentence, but those qualifications and letters represent years of blood, sweat and tears (more tears than anything!) and dedication for both me and everyone around me to achieve my goals.

I just LOVE coaching and have a wide variety of clients from young to older(!), and from Dressage to show jumping. I have and continue to work as hard as possible to develop myself as a coach for the benefit of my clients and there is nothing better than seeing my riders achieve the success they want, whether that be in competition, or in a personal goal they have. I have recently gained qualifications in NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming), Sports Nutrition, Personal Fitness & Training, Yoga, and I’m currently in the middle of gaining my Centre 10 Advanced Coach Qualification.

I am passionate about being the best coach I can be for my riders, and will continue to learn as much as I can, so I can give them a totally holistic approach to their performance. I love working on mindset, and seeing a change in the rider when we have got them in the right place. I can‘t wait to get writing on here with lots of interesting subjects, but if there is anything you would like me to write about, then just drop me a message.

That’s all for now, see you soon

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