Welcome To The Dressage Coach

My name is Maddi Burchell and I am a professional Dressage Rider & Coach. I have been running my Coaching business, Maddi Burchell Dressage for over 10 years and in the last year, I have launched my new online business, The Dressage Coach.  

I have ridden for over 35 years and in that time I have been lucky enough to train and work with some of the worlds best. 

I spent many years training in Spain, focussing on Classical Riding with my trainer Joaquin Vazquez who is the Director of Training at The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. I was lucky enough to work, coach and compete for Joaquin and got to ride horses from just backed through to Grand Prix. I have also been incredibly lucky to be trained by Carl Hester for over 20 years. I have trained all of my own horses and have been lucky enough to have some amazing horses in my life.

I am a British Dressage Accredited Coach (UKCC Level 3), a Centre 10 Advanced Coach, a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, a RoR Accredited Trainer, a Qualified Rider Biomechanics Coach, A Franklin Method Equestrian Franklin Ball Certified Coach, and also have certificates and qualifications in Sports Nutrition, NLP, Sport Safe, plus much more. I was also selected to join the National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence for 2021/22.

I am passionate about coaching and as any of my lovely clients will tell you, I am entirely dedicated to them. I like to work with all levels and types of riders and horses, and it doesn’t matter if you want to compete or just enjoy learning, I love to work with all clients and help them achieve their goals. I have been very lucky to have some great influences in my life from a young age that have always taught me that training needs to be adjusted and adapted to suit each horse and rider, and that thinking outside of the box is sometimes what’s needed. I always ensure that coaching sessions are client centred and that we always have happy equine athletes.  

I developed the idea of The Dressage Coach after a couple of my regular clients moved away, but wanted to find a way to carry on being coached by me. This lead me to think that if I could do it for them, I could offer it to others and be able to help riders everywhere. 

After I had completed my Centre 10 Advanced Coach qualification, I was asked to help some of my clients with performance and confidence issues out of the saddle, which I really enjoyed. I then was approached by other riders, who weren't close enough to do these sessions face to face, so we did them online. This then gave me an idea to create an online coaching platform. After being asked for some resources, I came up with the idea of the Hub, and the rest just followed on!

The Dressage Coach has so much to offer riders of all levels. We have two levels of membership which are, Hub and Hub Pro. The difference is that the HubPro includes a one to one remote coaching session with me every month. So, membership of the Hub includes, access to a library of schooling exercises, pole work exercises, a score tracker, dressage tests, activity tracker,a members-only group with daily check-ins and access to me for advice, e-learning courses including Rider Biomechanics and schooling, with new content being added all the time. We also have performance and mindset tips, advice and useful resources. The Hub is available via desktop and App.

Every month we do an “Ask the Coach” Clinic where members can ask any questions they have. We also do a regular “Live” with an industry expert so we always have more things to learn. We have also added a feature where members can upload a copy of their test sheet and I will look at them and then send some useful exercises to help you improve those scores.  We also have a facility for members to upload short videos for me to be able to watch and give advice/exercises etc.  I have a strong believe that Rider Fitness is an important part of riding and so we also have a full set of unmounted Franklin Ball exercises as well as help with Nutrition and health. 

I spend a lot of time working with riders out of the saddle now, as more and more are seeing that the work done out of the saddle really helps the work in the saddle. By working with riders on things such as goal setting, performance preparation, confidence work and motivation, we are seeing great results both competitively and on a personal level. Many riders don’t understand the benefit of doing a proper Goal Setting session until they do one! When done correctly, goal setting will show you the path to what you want to achieve and will guide you through it in an easy, step by step way. Riders who really weren’t sure, now regularly ask to do another session! It really doesn’t matter if you want to be able to overcome competition nerves, or be able to hack down the road on your own, working on your mindset will help you achieve it!

I absolutely love remote coaching! It has allowed me to work with riders from all over the world! Remote coaching can be done in two ways, so either we can do a live session where we use Pivo, zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc, or a pre-recorded video is sent and then I can do an analysis and then send back feedback and appropriate exercises for the rider to work on. This has huge benefits for people who don’t have transport, who struggle to find the time to have a training session, or who would just like another set of eyes have a look at what they are doing. It works really well and I have regulars who purely coach online with me.

The Dressage Coach is constantly growing and we are always improving the site for our members and adding more and more useful content. We have also launched our first books now so that riders can have useful journals and planners to help them every day. As I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to come and join us on the Hub and help them improve their riding and achieve their goals, we have made the cost of joining the Hub as low as possible, so come and check us out at 

The Dressage Coach Sponsored Riders Team