1. Online Bookings with Maddi Burchell Dressage

Clients can book online via the MBD site. Bookings will not be confirmed until MBD has confirmed availability and online payment is made.
If payment is not received, the booking will not be considered as confirmed.

2. Payment for services

Online bookings must be paid for in advance via the MBD site.
Offline bookings must be paid for either before or on the day of the appointment. If payment is not made on the day, not further bookings will be taken from the client until payment is made. MBD will supply the client with an invoice as soon as practicable after the appointment and interest will be accrued from 30 days after the appointment if payment is not made.
After 60 days of non-payment, legal action will be considered.
Payment for services can be via Bank Transfer, Paypal/Stripe etc, Cash or Card payment (via card reader). Cheques are not acceptable.
Payment for Livery services of up to one month will be payable in advance to cover the duration of livery.
Payment for Livery services of over one month will require advance payment of the first month followed by a standing order to be set up.

3. Cancellations

Please note that if the client cancels an appointment, charges may apply.
If the client cancels within 24 hours of the appointment, the full cost of the session will be payable.
Cancellation within 36-24 hours of the appointment will require payment of 50% of the total cost
Exceptions may be made in the event of veterinary emergency (confirmation from a vet may be required)

MBD May cancel an appointment due to exceptional reasons such as illness, travel difficulties or other exceptional reasons. In the event of MBD cancelling, an alternative date will be offered. No refunds will be given unless MBD are unable to offer an alternative session date.

4. Livery Contracts

Livery Services will be offered as per the Livery Contract provided by MBD. The contract must be signed by both MBD and the client prior to livery services commencing.

5. Liability

MBD accepts no liability for any damage, loss or injury howsoever caused whilst MBD is engaged in providing services as detailed. 

Booking MBD for any service will constitute acceptance to all the above terms.

6. Subscription Plans

No refunds will be offered after purchase of any subscription plan from MBD, including Team MBD and Performance Kickstarter.

Plans may be paused or extended at the sole discretion of MBD.

It is the client's responsibility to book sessions with MBD.