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Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy has huge benefits to horses and dogs.  It can be used not only to help treat existing injuries/issues, but is also performance enhancing.  Laser Therapy has the following benefits:

  • Totally non - invasive

  • Reduces Pain - No withdrawal period prior to competition.

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Promotes faster tissue repair - especially useful for open wounds

  • Encourages quicker healing of soft tissue injuries

  • Assists in the healing of ligament & tendon injuries - sprains/strains

  • Improves Arthritic conditions

  • Aids muscle recovery after strenuous work/exercise

  • Proven effective for deep muscle injuries such as : Deep Suspensory, Deep Hamstring & Hip, Cervical issues, Soft tissue along and over the spine, Sacroiliac injuries and lameness

  • Helps to prevent scaring and white hairs occurring where an injury has been

  • Hoof issues including Abscesses, Thrush, Cracks/Splits and Laminitis 

  • Aids in the quicker healing of cut pads

The following conditions are being successfully treated using Laser:

  • Post-surgery pain, healing & rehab

  • Acute & chronic ear infections

  • Acute & chronic neck & back pain

  • Fractures & Splints

  • Neuromuscular disease

We use the Omega Laser Therapy system, which provides an unparalleled level of control of the laser therapy being offered. Many other companies and vets use much simpler systems that simply offer one level of treatment, which can prove ineffective at best. When choosing your laser therapist, be sure to find out what kind of equipment they use to ensure you are getting the best treatment for your animal.

Laser Therapy is carried out at your home or yard.  Contact Us for more details or you can book online by clicking below.



Utilising state of the art technology as well as years of experience as a veterinary thermographer, we are pleased to offer thermal imaging for animals to our clients.

Thermal imaging utilises a camera which detects changes in heat within the animal when the image is taken. These changes, no matter how subtle, can give us an indication of an issue within the animal. 

Some of the issues which can be highlighted by the use of thermal imaging include:

  • Joint and skeletal issues

  • Nerve Damage & injury

  • Ligament and Tendon Damage/Issues

  • Hoof Balance and foot problems

  • Muscular issues

  • Back Problems and Back Pain

  • Dental issues

Thermal imaging in horses can also be really useful to check saddle fit.

Once we have taken the images of your animal, we will then spend time tuning the images to show the right amount of detail in order to see the potential problems if there are any. As part of the service, you will be provided with a comprehensive report of our findings which can be used to aid further diagnostics or treatment.

Many of our clients choose to have their animal imaged on a regular basis to keep on top of issues before they become a problem. Thermal imaging can highlight potential issues up to two weeks before clinical signs are shown.

Thermal Imaging is carried out at your home or yard.  Contact Us for more details or Book a service below


IMPORTANTOnly a qualified vet can diagnose a specific problem in an animal. Although our report will highlight potential issues, we will always recommend that clients seek the advice of a veterinary surgeon for a diagnosis. 

ADVISORY NOTE: If you are looking for a thermographer, you should always ensure that they will provide you with a full report and are capable of tuning images. There are individuals offering thermal imaging services with sub-standard equipment which is not capable of having the images tuned and who also lack the knowledge or ability to provide a proper report of their findings. Always use a thermographer who can provide these services otherwise you will be wasting your money.