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Maddi Burchell Dressage is proud to offer specialist and bespoke livery services in association with Solestreet Stables.
Based near Faversham and only a few minutes from the A2/M2, we can offer Training, Sales and Rehab Livery services at excellent prices.


As one of our handful of livery clients, your satisfaction and your horse's care are our absolute priority, which is why we only take a few horses at any one time. We offer Training, Rehab and Sales livery packages to ensure the care we give to your horse is perfect.


Outdoor School

All Weather 60 x 20 outdoor arena is fantastic all year round and includes:

  • Excellent Sand & Rubber Surface

  • Training Mirrors

  • Floodlights

  • Poles, Cavalettis & Jumps Available


Year Round Grazing

Quiet, peaceful fields provide the most relaxing area for your horse to graze and enjoy the sunshine. 
We are able to offer year-round individual turn-out for our liveries.

We like the horses to have time out of their stable and have an opportunity to stretch their legs even in the worst of the weather!

High Quality Hay & Haylage

Your Horse will have access to excellent quality Hay & Haylage that has been locally produced.


Training Livery (from £175pw)

Training livery at with MBD provides all your horse needs, so you can be assured that your horse will be relaxed, happy and content in its surroundings as well as receiving excellent schooling and training.

  • Training Livery includes:

  • 3 or 5 days exercise sessions per week

  • Bespoke Training Plan

  • Large Stable 

  • Excellent Hay/Haylage

  • Basic feed 

  • Full muck out daily

  • Skip out throughout day as required

  • Year round turn out and bringing in*

  • Rugs, boots, bandages changed as required

  • Feet picked out and legs washed as required

  • Full use of outdoor arena*

  • Full use of show jumps and poles

  • Discounted entries to on-site clinics 

  • Discounted training sessions 

  • Excellent local hacking

  • Free tea/coffee facilities

  • Administration of wormers and medicines (as supplied by owner)

  • Assistance with vet/farrier/therapist visits*

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Rehabilitation Livery (£varies)

Full livery plus:

  • Bespoke Rehabilitation Plan

  • Specialist Exercise Regime

  • Liaison with vets and therapists

  • Full use of therapy rugs and systems as required

  • Equine laser therapy

  • Visiting Physio and other therapists

  • Working to vet/therapist regime

Sales Livery (from £175pw + 10% commission)

Full livery plus Bespoke Sales Livery which can include:

  • Advertising

  • Presenting horse for viewings

  • Preparation for viewings

  • Riding for viewings

  • Professional Sales Photography & Videos

Competition Livery (£POA)

Full livery plus Bespoke Competition Plan which can include 

  • Schooling

  • Training

  • Preparation for competition

  • Competing at shows

  • Includes competitive therapy services

* Turn Out available depending on weather/pasture condition.
* Use of arena may be restricted during competitions/clinics or other events. 
*Assistance with visiting specialists is available between 0730 and 1730. Assistance outside of these times can be arranged at extra cost.

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