Franklin Balls Coaching

If you want to improve your position and effectiveness in the saddle, or you want to improve your ”feel”, then riding with Franklin Balls is for you!!  No matter your level, age, ability or if you want to compete or not, working with the Franklin Balls will definitely be beneficial.

Maddi is a Franklin Method Equestrian Franklin Ball Certified Coach and works with Riders both in the saddle and off of the horse.  Working with the balls, Maddi can help you with many issues such as; contact issues, forwardness issues, straightness issue to name just a few!  Using a full range of Franklin Balls and Bands we can work specifically on your issues and help to resolve them.  Using a client centred training approach incorporating the balls and some visualisation work, the balls give amazing, instantly felt and recognised results.  Working with the balls will make you more bodily aware in the saddle.

Maddi is regularly asked to run clinics at yards to work with riders from varying disciplines to help them with their position, their horses way of going and to improve performance.  The balls give the rider instant feedback and can be very useful in determining if an issue is a training issue or a rider issue! Maddi also runs unmounted Franklin Ball sessions which can be one to one or groups.  These sessions help with Rider fitness, suppleness, core, mobility, stability and strength.  They are not only great for helping you feel better in the saddle, but are lots of fun too!

If you’d like to run a mounted or unmounted Franklin Ball Clinic at your yard or with your friends, then get in touch!

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