At MBD, we believe a good coach offers bespoke training designed around you and your horse and is always client centred. A good coach should be qualified to teach what they are coaching, and have the relevant skills and experience to give you the reassurance that your coaching sessions will see you progress to achieve your goals.  

dressage coaching

One to One or Group Sessions
Face to Face Coaching

Lessons are £50 for 45 minutes
Travel not included


unmounted sessions

One to One Unmounted Sessions can include:
Goal Setting
Confidence Issues
Performance Analysis


remote coaching

Revolutionise your training regime with remote coaching.
A flexible and economical way to train

Remote sessions are £35


rider biomechanics

Rider Biomechanics are an essential part of of your performance success.

Ensure you are getting the very best from your horse with a rider biomechanics session.


clinics & 

Maddi runs clinics and camps all over the country. Check out our events listings to find out more or get in touch to organise a clinic at your yard.



Franklin Balls are a fantastic way to boost your training both on and off the horse.
Use the balls to work on posture, core strength as well as warm-ups and much more.

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