Rider Biomechanics

If you want to improve your position and effectiveness in the saddle, or you want to improve your ”feel”, then riding with Franklin Balls is for you!!  No matter your level, age, ability or if you want to compete or not, working with the Franklin Balls will definitely be beneficial.

Maddi is a Qualified Rider Biomechanics Coach and trained with The International Society of Rider Biomechanics.  She works with Riders across all disciplines to help them with their performance and safety in the saddle.Rider Biomechanics not only helps with improving your position, but it helps keep you safer in the saddle too!  By being in the “best” position in the saddle will help you to stay there!! Maddi regularly works with riders with confidence issues as a lot of these come from not feeling secure in the saddle and by helping to improve the position, they feel more confident.Maddi also works with a lot of Show Jumpers and Eventers helping them to improve their position to not only help them in the saddle, but also to help the horses jumping technique.Rider Biomechanics sessions are conducted by riding some specific exercises to ascertain where the riders issues are and then giving exercises and help to correct those.  These sessions are great fro riders who are looking to really improve their performance and who are looking for those extra marks!

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