Remote Coaching

Maddi Burchell has been at the pioneering end of remote dressage coaching, developing a wide variety of ways to achieve the best results without actually meeting in person.

Remote coaching has some fantastic benefits which include:

One off or regular sessions?

A single remote coaching sessions costs £30 which is half the cost of a face to face session.
Alternatively, if you'd like regular sessions AND join a friendly and supportive online community, check out Maddi's online coaching app called The Dressage Coach. Click the image to find out more.

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Success Stories

Sam & Woody

Sam is a long standing client of Maddi's and used to have face to face lessons. However, when Sam moved to Wales, the lessons couldn't continue for obvious reasons.

Sam spent several years working with different coaches local to her in Wales but unfortunately just couldn't find the right fit for her and Woody.

When Maddi developed The Dressage Coach and Remote Coaching services, Sam immediately jumped on the idea of having lessons with Maddi again.

Sam started remote coaching sessions in 2021 and was working at an elementary level. She has been having a remote coaching session every week, working on both Woody and herself in terms of mindset.

As of March 2022, Sam is working at PSG level at home and competing at Advanced. She's been smashing her goals, winning at Advanced Medium level and qualifying for Petplan Area Festivals.

Sam doesn't have an arena at home. She works hard and has the determination to succeed. Her story proves that remote coaching with the right coach can help you achieve your dressage dreams!

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